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Our Founder

Mr. Dharampal Chaudhary is a renowned entrepreneur who has excelled in various fields, including real estate development, politics, education, and social work. He is the founder of Country Roof and the chairman of Rite Group, which has established itself as a leading real estate company under his visionary leadership. Through Rite Group, Mr. Chaudhary has developed high-quality residential and commercial spaces catering to clients' diverse needs. He has also established Rite Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. to provide value-based solutions to clients in various fields.

Mr. Chaudhary's passion for preserving and promoting Indian culture is evident through establishing Rite Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., an e-commerce food delivery company that offers authentic Indian delicacies. This venture showcases his willingness to explore new opportunities while promoting Indian culture.

In addition to his successful real estate and hospitality ventures, Mr. Chaudhary is dedicated to social reform through education and empowerment. As the founder trustee of Rite Group, he has facilitated the creation of innovative educational programs and services that have positively impacted individuals and organizations.

Mr. Dharampal Chaudhary's visionary leadership, commitment to social reform, and diverse business ventures make him an inspiring entrepreneur and real estate developer.


Together, they sowed the seed of the Country Roof. Combining both expertise, the team country roof comprehends the process of buying or selling a house simple and stress-free experience.

Why Country Roof?

With a team of experienced professionals who provide exceptional services to enhance your investment.
What sets Country Roof apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and expertise in the Real Estate, Country Roof is the clear choice for all your Real Estate needs.

We consider honesty, integrity, and transparency the cornerstones of any prosperous enterprise. Because of this, we are dedicated to sustaining the greatest professionalism and ethics in whatever we do. Our team is always growing and learning new things to keep up with the ever-changing real estate market.

We are here to support you in achieving your real estate objectives, whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor.

What does Country Roof offers?
  • Property Search: Assisting clients in finding houses that meet their needs and budgets. Additionally, they might give access to a larger selection of properties that aren't currently available on open real estate portals.
  • Property Viewing: After locating potential properties, estate agents set up property viewings. They might also offer information about the neighborhood, amenities nearby, and local schools.
  • Estate agents assist in negotiating the best terms for their customers by serving as a mediator between buyers and sellers.
  • Legal and Financial support: In addition to offering guidance and support, real estate agents can also help their customers connect with other experts, such as attorneys, mortgage brokers, and accountants, as needed.
  • Closing the Deal: Estate agents aid in the transfer of property ownership by ensuring that all legal requirements are satisfied and assisting with completing required documentation.